Vegan-themed videos have received 4.3 billion views on Facebook and 3.3 billion views on YouTube to date, according to social-media analytics outlet Tubular Insights. In the last 12 months, 726 brands shared vegan content on Facebook, generating 71 million views—an engagement rate that is 2.6 times higher than the average on Facebook. During the month of January, content engagement for vegan-related items skyrocketed across social media driven by the Veganuary campaign. Vegan videos were viewed 12.1 million times by Facebook users and 3.1 million times by YouTube users. Of the top five vegan videos shared during Veganuary, three were posted by chef Gordon Ramsay—who recently added vegan options to several of his restaurants. “It is perhaps surprising to vegans and non-vegans alike that noted plant-based critic chef Gordon Ramsay generated three of the five most-viewed videos around the campaign,” Tubular Insights Editor-in-Chief Carla Marshall said. “Not only did he choose to upload the content for his 5.8 million Instagram followers, he also made sure to tag the videos with #veganuary, ensuring they would attract the kind of attention that they did.”