Brazil-based Grupo Mantiqueira—South America’s largest egg producer—recently developed N.Ovo, a vegan egg replacer, to meet the growing demand for plant-based products in the region. The pea protein-based egg replacer will be sold in cartons that mimic the company’s traditional eggs and can be used as a one-for-one substitute in baked goods that call for eggs. The company worked closely with United States-based non-profit organization The Good Food Institute (GFI) to develop the vegan alternative. “I was born and raised in the animal protein industry and could see from the inside out that there are much more sustainable ways to feed the world,” Amanda Pinto, Innovation Manager at Grupo Mantiqueira, said. “GFI has been very important to connect me with plant-based companies and show me alternative ways of producing food.” N.Ovo will be available at supermarket chains and smaller retailers in the region and, eventually, as part of the egg company’s home egg delivery service Clube do Ovo. Last year, GFI published a report that found that nearly 30 percent of Brazilians (approximately 60 million people) are actively reducing their consumption of animal products.

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