“Vegan AF” Advertisements Go Up Across NYC

Sir Kensington’s aquafaba-based vegan mayonnaise Fabanaise is creating buzz with its bold “Vegan AF” ad campaign. 


New York-based condiment company Sir Kensington’s recently launched a “Vegan AF” ad campaign to market its Fabanaise vegan mayonnaise. The outdoor ads were seen on bus shelters and other street furniture in New York City as well as online. The “AF” refers to the product’s main ingredient, “aquafaba”—otherwise known as chickpea brine. It is the liquid leftover from cooking chickpeas which is used as an egg-white replacement because of its high protein and starch content. In 2016, Sir Kensington’s became the first brand to launch a commercial product featuring aquafaba—a term coined in 2015 by software engineer Goose Wohlt. The “Vegan AF” ads tout AF as “a tasty innovation that we brought to vegan mayo.” The certified-vegan product comes in Classic, Chipotle, and Avocado Oil flavors, and is available at Whole Foods nationwide.

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