Vegan sausage rolls have landed in the United States courtesy of Donut Farm in Oakland, CA. Donut Farm owner Josh Levine introduced the new item—a freshly baked vegan sausage roll made by South African brand The Fry Family Food Co.—after observing the viral sensation that convenience chain Gregg’s created when it launched its vegan sausage rolls in the United Kingdom earlier this year. Levine tasted Fry’s version at trade show Natural Products Expo West this month and decided it would be a welcome addition to the Donut Farm menu—which is known for its brunch options at its Oakland café and distributes its doughnuts (under the “Pepples Donut Farm” name) across the San Francisco Bay area. “It’s strangely addictive,” Levine described the sausage roll to Eater. “I just wanted to try it because I’ve heard so much, and tried it, and I needed to go back and have it again. It’s just yummy … slightly sweet sausage on the inside, flaky crust on the outside.” Fry’s was founded in 1991 by husband-and-wife team Wally and Debbie Fry and will expand to the United States with the launch of seven vegan frozen items, including vegan sausage rolls, in fall 2019.

Photo credit: Fry’s Family Foods Co.

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