Papa John’s UK Debuts US-Inspired Vegan Hot Dog Pizza

The chain gets creative with its latest limited-edition vegan pie which comes topped with gooey vegan cheese, Heinz ketchup, chunks of plant-based sausage, and mustard. 


This week, pizza chain Papa John’s added a hot dog-topped vegan pizza to the menu of its 350 United Kingdom locations. “Enjoy a taste of America with The Vegan Hot Dog pizza,” Papa John’s described its newest pizza creation. “A Heinz Tomato Ketchup base loaded with vegan hot dog sausage, great tasting Sheese, freshly sliced onions, and topped with Heinz American style mustard. Available for a limited time only.” Earlier this year, Papa John’s added Sheese (a vegan cheese made by Scottish brand Bute Island Foods) to its menu across the United Kingdom—which sold out 24 hours after its debut. The chain now offers several permanent vegan pizzas and recently added cheesy potato wedges. While Papa John’s UK was inspired by America to create its newest pizza, United States locations of Papa John’s have yet to add vegan options.

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