The Vegan Kids Festival—the first festival for vegan kids in the United Kingdom—will host its premier event between August 9 and August 11 in Gloucestershire, England. The kid-centric event will feature vegan food, games, cooking classes, music, and creativity workshops. Dana Burton—owner of Salisbury’s first vegan shop Goodfayre—created the event as a way to empower vegan kids to continue making compassionate choices. “Often vegan children are the only vegans in their class, and even the whole school, and that can be hard for them to understand,” Burton said. “My own children made the choice to be vegan, along with the rest of the family. I feel really proud when I see their compassion for animals, but then I also feel sad for them when they get left out at school. It makes them question their beliefs and, in some children, their desire to conform and be like their peers is a strong conflict for them.” The event will also feature competition “Vegan Kids Got Talent” and an award ceremony to honor inspiring children. “My aim is to create a mini vegan world for two days where everyone who attends can be surrounded by like-minded people and play, safe in the knowledge that everything is vegan and everyone is a friend and everything is designed with kids in mind,” Burton said. “This event is all about the children; our changemakers of the future.” Guests can buy a day pass or stay onsite in various camping accommodations, including tents, vans, and “glamping” options, for the entire weekend.

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