On June 26, a museum dedicated exclusively to vegan fashion will open it doors in Los Angeles. The Fashion for the Animal Kingdom and Environment (F.A.K.E.) Museum is a platform that allows vegan and ethical designers to come together to promote their cruelty-free clothes and accessories. The F.A.K.E. Museum was founded by animal-rights activist Jonathan Ohayon, who started with pop-ups on Melrose Avenue in LA. The pop-ups were so successful that Ohayon expanded the concept to a museum where the public can learn about new alternatives to animal-based materials in fashion. The museum will host free, 25-minute tours on the impact of the fashion industry on the environment and showcase eco- and animal-friendly alternatives. “During our tour, we quickly shed light on what the fashion industry practices are [but we] mostly emphasize the amazing alternatives for a better world,” Ohayon said. Designers from around the globe will be part of the first exposition and will showcase alternatives to silk, leather, and wool using plant-based materials such as pineapple fiber, cork, and apple and mango skins. The F.A.K.E. Museum’s first exposition will run until August 31.

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