New vegan meat products Awesome Burger and Awesome Grounds will be available at grocery stores across the United States in September. The plant-based burger and ground beef—sold under the Sweet Earth vegetarian brand which Nestlé acquired for an undisclosed amount in 2017—is formulated with yellow pea protein and will be sold fresh in the refrigerated section. The Awesome line follows Nestlé’s spring launch of the Incredible Burger under its Green Gourmet brand in Europe where it is available in grocery stores and as part of the The Big Vegan TS at McDonald’s in Germany. “These new burgers don’t compromise on flavor, texture, and cooking experience. They underline Nestlé’s increased focus on tasty, authentic, plant-based food,” Wayne England, the head of Nestlé’s food business, said. “We believe this trend is here to stay, as consumers look at different ways to enjoy and balance their protein intake and lower the environmental footprint of their diets.” Sweet Earth’s vegan burgers and grounds will share shelf space with a variety of next-generation plant-based products, including those from Beyond Meat, Lightlife, Gardein, and Impossible Foods—the latter of which also aims to make its retail debut in September.

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