Fast-food chain Taco Bell recently added vegan meat to its menu—but only in Spain. According to Spanish media outlet Restauración News, the chain’s new meatless product has a taste and texture that resembles beef, and is made with a mixture of oats, beans, and peas that are cooked in sauce and marinated with a secret mix of Taco Bell spices. The new vegan meat is made by Finnish brand Gold & Green Foods and certified by the American Vegetarian Association. It will be the first clearly marked vegetarian item highlighted on Taco Bell menus in Spain. “In Taco Bell, we have always been a safe alternative for vegetarians because we can offer all our products in their veggie version, but many people do not know it,” María José Michavila, general manager of Taco Bell Spain, said. “This new initiative to customize the menu represents Taco Bell’s commitment to our consumers.” Earlier this year, three Taco Bell locations in London, UK offered a limited-time menu that featured tacos made with the same oat-based meat. In June, the chain’s United States branch explained that it will not be adding vegan meat options from Beyond Meat or Impossible Foods to its menu, instead focusing on promoting its existing vegetarian menu to make it easier for customers to order meat-free options.

Photo credit: Taco Bell España/Facebook 

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