On September 5, the vegan pumpkin spice latte (PSL) is returning to select Starbucks locations in the United Kingdom. Last year, Starbucks removed dairy products from its PSL base to create the “Vegan Pumpkin Sauce with Spice Flavorings.” Starbucks began offering the vegan version of the PSL in the UK, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, and Austria last August but ran out of the vegan base by the end of October, promising a return of the coveted limited-time beverage this year. UK Customers can order the PSL hot, iced, frappuccino style, or as an iced cold foam macchiato and make it fully vegan by requesting plant-based milk and omitting whipped cream. Starbucks is bringing back the PSL in the United States, as well, however a vegan option for the popular beverage is not available stateside as the base contains dairy.