This week, Jamba (previously known as Jamba Juice) added Swedish brand Oatly’s vegan oat milk to its menu nationwide—the first smoothie national chain to do so. Customers will now be able to order Oatly in place of dairy milk in any beverage or select from two new menu items: Smooth Talkin’ Mango (vegan) and Matcha Lemon Squeeze (not vegan), both developed to bring out Oatly’s flavor. “We are excited to have Oatly on board for this next step in our menu evolution at Jamba and we are proud to be the first national smoothie chain to carry Oatly oat milk. We’ve been talking with our guests and through research have seen first-hand the growing demand for more milk alternatives,” Jamba President Geoff Henry said. “Oatly is a natural partner for us in our effort to create more plant-based options and meet this demand. Our partnership will not only create an elevated experience for guests, but also help inform new markets of the benefits of oat milk and reinforce Jamba’s presence as a leader in the smoothie category.” Jamba has been focused on modernizing its menu in recent months and in June—when it dropped the “juice” from its name—the chain bolstered its vegan offerings with a Vanilla Blue Sky Smoothie and Bowl made with spirulina. “We were excited to hear about Jamba’s commitment to expanding their plant-based options and we’re so happy they looked to Oatly to play a role,” Oatly General Manager Mike Messersmith said. “We know that people are looking for fun and delicious ways to shift to a more plant-based diet for their health and the health of the planet. By working with Jamba, we’ll be able to help a whole new group of people do just that.”