This month, fast-food chain Burger King added the meatless Impossible Whopper to its “2 for $6” deal for a limited time. Joining the discounted menu alongside Burger King’s regular meat-based sandwiches, the Impossible Whopper (which typically costs $5.59) can be ordered vegan by omitting mayonnaise. The chain first tested the meatless burger at 59 St. Louis, MO locations in April and, after the Impossible Burger brought 18.5 percent more foot traffic to those stores, expanded the option to its more than 7,200 locations in August. Since then, Burger King has been integrating the Impossible Burger into various parts of its menu. In November, the chain added new ways to order the meatless patty—as the smaller Impossible Whopper, Jr., a classic Impossible Burger, or dairy-topped Impossible Cheeseburger—to its menu at 180 test locations, along with the option of ordering the meatless burger as part of a kids meal. Later this month, Burger King will become the first major chain to offer newly developed Impossible Pork as part of the Impossible “Croissan’wich” at 139 test locations. 

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