California-based brand Beyond Meat will be rolling out a new bulk pack of its vegan Beyond Sausages in a Mild Italian flavor at 100 Costco locations across Canada starting on October 10. The new three-pack (CAD$19.99) of 12 vegan sausages slashes the price to just CAD$1.67 per sausage—which typically cost at least CAD$1 more per sausage. The brand launched its Beyond Sausage at Whole Foods Markets across the United States in 2018 in Original Bratwurst, Hot Italian, and Sweet Italian flavors. The Beyond Sausage, along with the brand’s Beyond Burger and Beyond Beef, are also available at major grocery stores across Canada. 

In June, Beyond Meat released a similar launch at Walmart and Target stores in the US where its bulk pack of Cookout Classic Beyond Burgers offered the plant-based patties at just $1.60 each, seizing an opportunity to become more competitive price with beef during a meat shortage caused by slaughterhouse closures during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In the US, Beyond Meat’s newest product, Beyond Breakfast Sausage Links, are rolling out this month at grocery stores nationwide.

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