In early 2021, Delaware-based beer brewery Dogfish Head will release its Hazy-O (an oat-based IPA) nationwide. Breweries often use milk lactose to impart flavor and texture notes in the brewing process. However, the brewery worked with “oat scientists” from Elmhurst 1925—a former dairy company that was reborn as a plant-based milk brand in 2016—to create its dairy-free Hazy-O IPA which is made from four types of oats. Malted oats are used to provide cloudiness, rolled oats create a silky mouthfeel, naked oats add a toasted and nutty flavor, while oat milk is used to amplify the beer’s haze and mouthfeel. The Hazy-O comes in at 7.1 percent alcohol by volume and has a tropical flavor thanks to a variety of hops.

“Oat milk is definitely having a zeitgeist moment right now in the culinary world,” Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione told Food and Wine. “Sales of hard seltzers—the fastest-growing alcohol sector—are up low triple digits, year-to-date. Sales of oat milk are up almost 1,000-percent this year. I read somewhere that the growth percentage of oat milk even eclipses that of hand sanitizer this year.”

Prior to its national launch, Dogfish Head is previewing the beer at its tasting rooms in Milton, DE and Rehoboth, DE for a limited time.