Rudy’s Vegan Butcher opened as the first permanent vegan butcher shop in the United Kingdom on November 1 (World Vegan Day) and promptly sold out of its offerings online, despite criticism from television personality Piers Morgan. “This was the line at 10:54am before we even opened and it didn’t slow down for hours. 100 online orders in the first ten minutes,” the shop captioned a video on Instagram showing customers lined up for several city blocks. “Thank you to everyone who stopped by, messaged with love, ordered online, and shouted out our news. It was an unbelievable turn out. We are so blessed to have your support and feel overwhelmed by all the love.”

The shop operates out of London’s Islington borough and sells a variety of vegan meats such as pastrami, burgers, salami, pepperoni, and “rack of jack” (jackfruit-based ribs), along with prepared foods such as cheeze sauce & chilli-non-carne, lobstah salad, meatballs, and shredded BBQ pulled porc. In addition to in-store pickup, the shop offers UK-wide delivery. 

Rudy’s Vegan Butcher is currently working to restock all of their items after a massively successful opening day. “We’ll be back with updates when our dedicated, hardworking team of chefs [have] restocked,” the shop posted to Instagram. “Don’t worry, they’re cooking away day and night to get it done.”