In April, Miyoko’s Creamery will debut its newest vegan cheese line at Whole Foods Market nationwide, with other retailers planned for the coming months. While Miyoko’s Creamery previously made its products from a cultured cashew base, the new cheese line is made from allergen-friendly oats, potatoes, and legumes and will be available in Farmhouse Cheddar and Pepper Jack slices and shreds. Whole Foods will also carry Miyoko’s new Oat Milk Butter in Sea Salt and Garlic Parm flavors. All of the new products will have a suggested retail price of $5.99, which is more competitively priced with dairy-based cheeses than its original cashew-based lines. “The move to plant-based options is not a trend—it is a fundamental shift in consumer behavior. It’s motivated by a wide variety of issues—from personal health and food sensitivities to concerns for the planet and animals,” Miyoko’s Creamery Founder Miyoko Schinner told VegNews. “A key component to accelerating that trend is the ability to create new everyday products that appeal to omnivores and flexitarians—not just vegans and vegetarians—much like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods did with meat. We strongly believe our new Cheddar and Pepper Jack will cross that chasm and we have other items in our innovation pipeline that will meet real market demands.” Ahead of the retail launch, Miyoko’s food truck set off on a nationwide tour to promote its new lines and is currently stopping in 24 cities to give away free grilled cheese sandwiches. 

In February, Miyoko’s also debuted Cultured Vegan Pizza Mozz at Northern California chain Pizza My Heart. The new cheese, which is designed for the foodservice sector, comes in liquid form (for ease of spreadability) and takes on the characteristics of dairy-based mozzarella once heated in an oven. “We are also moving aggressively into food service to meet the growing demand for plant-based cheeses—expanding our offering beyond our butter with innovations like our new liquid Pizza Mozz and as well as our new Cheddar, Pepper Jack, and Oat Butters,” Schinner said. “One thing that won’t change is our commitment to culturing our products like traditional dairy and using whole foods and quality ingredients.”

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