Breakfast brand Van’s Foods recently launched new vegan waffles and pancakes. The frozen products are part of its Protein line and include pancakes in two flavors (Original and Chocolate Chip) and waffles in three flavors (Original, Chocolate Chip, and Blueberry). “Van’s Foods is extremely excited about the launch of plant-based protein waffles and pancakes as consumers continue to find ways to increase their daily servings of protein while reducing meat consumption,” Ryan Malone, Chief Marketing Officer at Van’s parent company Sara Lee Frozen Bakery, said. “Studies show that consumers choose plant-based alternatives because they feel they’re healthier and taste better, want to try something new, and strive to eat less meat and dairy. Our plant-based protein waffles and pancakes give consumers another way to achieve their dietary goals.” Previously, Van’s offered gluten-free vegan waffles (in Original, Blueberry, Apple Cinnamon, Ancient Grain flavors), two vegan organic waffle options (Original and Blueberry), and an Original gluten-free vegan pancake flavor.