New vegan instant cup meals recently launched at all 3,600 locations of FamilyMart, a major convenience store chain across Taiwan. The new Omnipork Instant Meal Cups both feature plant-based pork (made from mushrooms, soy, rice, and pea protein) and are available in two flavors: Korean-style Braised Omnipork Noodles and the Stir-fry Thai Basil Omnipork with Rice. Omnipork is made by Right Treat, a brand developed by eco-conscious entrepreneur David Yeung who also founded (now vegan) grocery store and café chain Green Common in Hong Kong. “Introducing plant-based instant cup meals in partnership with FamilyMart will allow Taiwanese [residents] to enjoy healthy meals more conveniently,” Yeung said. In February, Taiwan’s largest fast-food chain Bafang Yunji announced that it is now selling one million vegan Omnipork dumplings every week at its nearly 1,000 locations. Yeung plans to expand Omnipork across Asia to help curb the region’s meat consumption.