Fast-casual chain Just Salad recently reformulated its smoothie menu to be all vegan. Previously, the chain used Greek yogurt in some of its smoothies and has since replaced the dairy product with oat milk. Currently, the chain offers four smoothie options: Strawberry Banana, Detox Cleanse, Almond Berry Blast, and PB Protein. 

To reduce its carbon footprint, Just Salad removed all beef from its menu in September and replaced it with Beyond Meat’s vegan Beyond Beef. While the chain still features animal products on other portions of its menu, including dairy cheese, eggs, tuna, and chicken, offering an all-vegan smoothie menu is its next step toward building a more sustainable business. “As part of our commitment to being the ‘Green Standard’ of the fast-casual industry, we continually look for ways to reduce the environmental footprint of our menu,” Sandra Noonan, Just Salad Chief Sustainability Officer, told VegNews. “Making our smoothies vegan is one more step we’re taking in favor of human and planetary health while improving our culinary profile at the same time.”

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