Ice cream brand Arctic Zero removed whey from its ice cream formulations to become fully vegan. Greg Holtman founded Arctic Zero in 2009 as a low calorie and low glycemic frozen dessert brand. “The founder actually created Arctic Zero because his mom lives with Type 1 diabetes, and he wanted to create something she and his whole family would be able to enjoy. Ten years ago there were really no ‘healthy’ ice cream options,” a spokesperson for Arctic Zero told VegNews. “It’s in the founder’s heart to continue to offer healthy treats everyone can enjoy.”

In 2018, the company debuted its first nine flavors of plant-based ice cream—such as Chocolate Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, and Cookie Shake—made with fava bean protein, an ingredient Arctic Zero landed on after experimenting with other plant-based ingredients. Under its new plant-based certification, the brand will continue launching vegan flavors and has expanded its line this week to include Classic Vanilla and Pistachio.