This fall, food brand Bolthouse Farms is introducing oat-based vegan dressings at major supermarkets across the country. The new dressing comes in two flavors—Garden Ranch and Habanero Blue—made from oat flour, sunflower oil, sunflower butter, vinegar, white grape juice concentrate, and faba bean protein concentrate. Bolthouse is also introducing two other vegan dressings: an avocado-based Green Goddess dressing and a carrot-based Carrot Miso dressing. 

“Bolthouse Farms has been a leader in the development of flavorful and better-for-you refrigerated dressings and it was a natural progression to take what we know about great flavor and simple ingredients and translate it to creamy, plant-based dressings that consumers will crave,” AJ Bernstein, Bolthouse Vice President of Marketing, told VegNews. 

The plant-based dressings are the first of a new range of plant-based innovations for Bolthouse Farms in the coming year and are available at stores such as Kroger, Target, Sprouts, HEB, and Hy-Vee.

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