A new vegan Reese’s peanut butter-cup inspired product line hit stores this month but, unfortunately, it’s not edible. Reese’s parent company The Hershey Company collaborated with beauty brand HipDot on a unique makeup collection that features whimsical Reese’s peanut butter cup touches. The HipDot x Reese’s collection is comprised of two six-eyeshadow palettes ($16 each) in Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate; two chocolate and peanut butter scented lip balms ($14 each); and a double-ended brush set ($16) made with synthetic animal-free fibers. The entire collection ($74) can also be purchased in a limited-edition, candy-inspired pouch. Reese’s vegan makeup collection is available through HipDot and Hershey’s website and physical stores at beauty retailer Ulta. 

The HipDot x Reese’s collection is the newest vegan makeup collection to be inspired by popular food products. In March, fast-food chain Chipotle collaborated with e.l.f. Cosmetics on a vegan makeup collection that features items inspired by the plant-based ingredients on Chipotle’s menu, including eyeshadows in guacamole, salsa, and sofritas (vegan tofu meat) hues, along with avocado-shaped beauty sponges. 

Are Reese’s vegan?

While the HipDot x Reese’s makeup collection is free of animal products, when it comes to the candy, Reese’s peanut butter cups are not vegan as they contain milk ingredients. However, several vegan Reese’s copycats exist such as peanut butter cups made by Unreal Foods, Cleo’s, and No Whey Foods. Startup Trupo Treats is also working on vegan versions of iconic candies such as Twix, Crunch, and KitKat.

In the United Kingdom, KitKat is owned by Nestlé and will launch a vegan version of its iconic candy this year. In the United States, KitKat and Reese’s are owned by The Hershey’s Company—which has not made a similar announcement. However, The Hershey’s Company did commit to a long-term strategy in February to expand its “better-for”you” (BFY) category, which includes plant-based products, through innovation toward the BYF category of existing products, research and development of new products, licensing agreements to co-create products, and acquisition of brands that deliver BYF options.  

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