From old-school crunchy curls to new-age porkless rinds, when it comes to vegan snacks, Trader Joe’s has always been the go-to grocer. And this week, the chain has graced us with a new snack to get giddy about: Peanut Butter Caramel Coated Popcorn. The new vegan snack is not overly sweet but packs a hefty peanut butter punch and a very crunchy crunch. 

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How does it get so crunchy and craveable? Trader Joe’s says its supplier starts with puffy mushroom kernel popcorn (a variety we never knew existed) that gets a coating of tapioca syrup and cane sugar. Then, it goes through a coating process where salted peanut butter envelopes each kernel taking it from tasty to tremendous. “And though the popcorn is contending with two coatings, it somehow manages to retain a seemingly impossible airiness and oh-so satisfying crunch,” Trader Joe’s describes the new snack. “Mad science? We like to call it snack science, dear reader, and it is tasty, indeed.”

And for those craving something a little more salty, Trader Joe’s also just released Seasoning in a Pickle, its latest vegan product to use a double entendre (looking at you, Hold the Dairy mini, handheld, ice cream cones). This limited-edition seasoning is everything it claims to be with a heavy hit of pickle that works its briney magic on popcorn. 

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