One scroll through Instagram and you’ll see endless beauty gurus sporting curls in every shade of the rainbow, from muted pastel tones to spunky, ultra-saturated hues. If you’ve been lusting after these fearless, individualistic looks, it might be time to pick up a bottle of cruelty-free dye for yourself. These seven companies ensure their dyes are always vegan and never tested on animals, so you can get the hair you’ve been dreaming of and feel great about it.  


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1. Good Dye Young
Co-founded by Hayley Williams, frontwoman of pop-punk band Paramore, this eye-grabbing, color-popping brand offers “tools that encourage your freedom of self-expression” in shades such as Steal My Sunshine, Rock Lobster, and Ex-Girl.


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2. Manic Panic
Founded in the 70s by sisters and members of the band Blondie, Tish and Snooky, this beloved company is considered to be the world’s first alternative beauty brand. Its been used by big names from Kylie Jenner to Margot Robbie and comes in practically every shade imaginable.


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3. Limecrime
Based in sunny Los Angeles, this millennial-focused company’s full-spectrum line of “Unicorn Hair” has made it popular amongst beauty vloggers and Instagram stars. Ultra-saturated shades with names such as Sea Witch, Neon Peach, and Strawberry Jam promise to take your locks from dull to otherworldly.


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4. Arctic Fox
This philanthropic brand takes a firm stance on ensuring all of its products will always be 100 percent vegan—and even donates 15 percent of its profits to organizations that prevent animal abuse. Choose between fiery, super villain-inspired Poison, or bright, highlighter-hued Girls Night for a look that will make heads turn.


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5. Splat Hair Dye
Specializing in fantasy hair color products, this veteran brand has been around for over 15 years. For brunette beauties wanting out-of-the-world hair, its newest line of deeply pigmented dyes can even be used with no bleach required! Get music festival ready with Lusty Lavender or go witchy with Midnight Jade.


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6. Tints of Nature
For over 20 years, this natural brand has taken strides to put the focus on botanical, plant-based ingredients. Its line of henna-based hair creams offer a gentle approach to dyeing your hair that will leave your locks feeling luscious instead of stripped down with chemicals found in most mainstream brands.


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7. Punky Colour
Available in 21 vibrant shades from icey Lagoon Blue to deep Red Wine, this indie brand scores major points among reviewers for its long-lasting pigments and color-enhancing vegan keratin complex. Get that hair you’ve always dreamed of in 30 minutes or less.



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While not technically a hair dye, these pigmented conditioners can be used to keep your hair color bright or add a pop of color to bleached strands. To ensure long-lasting color and fewer trips to the hair salon, this magic-in-a-bottle formula gradually replaces the pigments you lose each time you shower.

Sarah McLaughlin is the New Products Editor at VegNews who is eager to use Good Dye Young’s PPL Eater for head-turning purple locks.

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