Portland, OR-based ice cream company Salt & Straw recently released a new line of flavors inspired by summer campfires, including a vegan Berries, Beans, & BBQ Sauce flavor. The unique concoction features a white bean-based ganache mixed with a slightly spicy strawberry barbecue sauce that’s swirled with a raspberry and black raspberry ice cream base. “This camping series dives right into our memories from childhood, all piled in a van, spending our summer nights around the campfire with friends and family,” Salt & Straw CEO and co-founder Kim Malek said. “Mother Nature seems to bring out our best selves and so we are proud to support the work of the National Parks Foundation with this series. Our parks are such a treasure and great reminder of what’s most important.” A portion of the proceeds from the collection—available until June 27 in pints and scoop shops in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle—will benefit the National Park Foundation. Last year, Salt & Straw launched an all-vegan “Vegandulgence” menu for the month of January and announced its plan to transition 20 percent of its menu to permanently feature vegan flavors.

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