Japanese convenience store FamilyMart recently launched its first vegan rice bowl at select locations across Tokyo. Called the Vegiberg-don, the rice bowl is topped with vegan Japanese beef made from soybeans and served with cooked pumpkin, carrot, red peppers, potato, peas, and corn, and covered in a rich, velvety gravy. The chain said it developed the new vegan option because of increasing concern for environmental sustainability and the impact of animal agriculture on the environment. FamilyMart’s premade vegan meal is the first to be certified by the Japanese Vegetarian Association and marked with a green JPVS, which means the meal is free of animal products. 

Earlier this year, FamilyMart launched Omnipork Instant Meal Cups—vegan meals made with vegan pork—at all of its 3,600 locations across Taiwan.

Photo Credit: Time Out/Jessica Thompson

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