This week, California-based vegan brand Beyond Meat launched its newest product, Beyond Beef, at Whole Foods Market on Pearl Street in Boulder, CO. The new pea-, mung bean-, and rice-based meat is free from GMOs, soy, and gluten and is meant to be used as a one-for-one replacement in recipes that call for beef, aiming to deliver the same juiciness and texture but without animal products. The launch is a homecoming of sorts for the vegan brand as its now popular Beyond Burger made its retail debut at the Pearl Street Whole Foods in 2016—which will be showcasing Beyond Beef in a number of recipes that Boulder customers can sample for free until Wednesday. “Beyond Beef is our next step forward as we work to perfectly build meat directly from plants,” Allison Aronoff, Senior Communications Manager for Beyond Meat, told VegNews. “With each new innovation, we strive to collapse the differences between our products and their animal-protein equivalents to deliver on our brand promise of enabling consumers to Eat What You Love™—that is delicious burgers, sausage, and ground meat made directly from plants, no sacrifice required.” On May 2, Beyond Meat became the first vegan meat company to be publicly traded on NASDAQ on May 2 and, as of today, its share prices have skyrocketed more than 500 percent above their initial public offering price.

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