Brazilian company R&S Blumos recently invested $5.5 million—the largest investment it has ever made—into developing ingredients for vegan meat. In 2020, the company plans to complete a facility in São Paulo that, by 2021, will be capable of producing 500 metric tons of plant-based meat ingredients. R&S currently makes a variety of ingredients, including dry textured pea protein, but its new wet extrusion technology will help create better plant-based chicken, pork, and fish—which it intends to distribute to its foodservice partners. The Brazilian company partnered with international suppliers of pea protein and equipment, and nonprofit Good Food Institute (GFI) to help get its new meats to market. “In order for the food industry to be able to transform itself and grow in a disruptive manner, there must be an offer of high-quality ingredients and innovative processes,” Gustavo Guadagnini, General Director of GFI Brazil told Foodnavigator-LATAM. “The first step in the transformation of the food chain production is exactly the one that companies like R&S Blumos are taking: investing in ingredients that are more sophisticated, sustainable, and healthy, and which offer new applications and result in products that would not have been otherwise possible, transforming the eating habits of consumers.” Last year, GFI Brazil found that nearly 60 million Brazilians—approximately 30 percent of citizens—are actively reducing their consumption of animal products or already identify as vegetarian.

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