Long-standing British pub Shoulder of Mutton recently changed its name to The Heworth Inn. Landlord Leah Stannard explained that the decision to rename the pub—which has operated since the 1950s—came after it applied for a wedding license for 2019, and the owner wanted to appeal to young couples. “Also, as we are going to have a really keen focus on vegetarian and vegan cuisine, we think it is a tasteful, sympathetic, and reasonable decision,” Stannard said. Approximately one-fourth of the pub’s menu currently features vegan and vegetarian dishes, and Stannard aims to increase meatless offerings to comprise half of the menu in the coming months. “We imagined that many brides may not want the invites for their big day to be at a place called the Shoulder of Mutton,” Stannard said. “We have taken into account the area’s and the building’s heritage and have consulted various conservation bodies in the area and received warm feedback and support for the new name.” Since 2016, the population of vegan individuals living in the United Kingdom grew by 600 percent, and businesses—from local pubs to supermarket chains—have catered to the shift with new vegan menus and product launches.

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