Chocolate is a big deal. When we want to say “thank you,” “sorry,” or “happy birthday” (… the list goes on), many of us head to the store to find the perfect sweet treat to say it with. And for the most part, you can guarantee that the gift will be well-received. 

Research suggests that in 2020, more than 268 million Americans munched on chocolate and other candy. And in 2021, the market was valued at more than $113 billion.

Taking the dairy out of chocolate 

While chocolate brings many of us joy, it does come with a downside. 

Most of it is made with cow’s milk, which is a product of the dairy industry. The latter is associated with cruel, industrialized factory farming practices and environmental issues, too. However, there is a way to enjoy chocolate without cow’s milk—nowadays, there are plenty of vegan options on the market that are every bit as delicious.

To help you find delicious vegan chocolates, here are some of the best chocolatiers in the US offering dairy-free options.

11 chocolatiers offering delicious dairy-free chocolates

VegNews.Chocolate.Raaka Raaka

1 Raaka

Raaka specializes in high-quality, vegan unroasted dark chocolate (not to be confused with raw chocolate—Raaka’s chocolate is still fermented, which is a process that generates heat). To find out more about the brand’s process, you can visit its factory store in Brooklyn, New York. Or, alternatively, you can just put it to the taste test! Flavors like Earl Grey, Pure Cacao & Coconut Swirl, and Bourbon Cask Aged are all available to buy now from its online store.

VegNews.veganchocolatier.cocoaparlorCocoa Parlor

2 Cocoa Parlor

For premium, organic dairy-free chocolates in California, Laguna Niguel’s Cocoa Parlor is well-worth a sample. Everything is organic, vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, but still, of course, delicious. For a special occasion, order the brand’s Toasted Hazelnuts & Salt flavor 24-Piece Truffle Box for a creamy, indulgent, nutty evening treat which comes filled with unique flavors like Cinnamon Latte, Cashew Caramel, and Strawberry Milkshake.

VegNews.Chocolatiers.DallmanFineChocolatesDallman Fine Chocolates

3 Dallmann Fine Chocolates

For beautifully presented, quality vegan chocolate, perfectly suited for special occasions, try California’s Dallmann Fine Chocolates. The brand is known for its build-your-own vegan gift boxes, which you can fill with unique flavors like chickpea, mango, coconut and sesame, peanut butter, and the bright blue-colored almond butter, cocoa nibs and maple syrup.


4 Pascha

According to Pascha, the key to its brand is doing “the opposite of almost everything the mainstream candy industry does.” So that means no slave labor, no allergens, no dairy, and the use of only certified organic cocoa beans. And the result is still delicious-tasting chocolate. If you like things really, really bitter, try its 100% Cacao option. If you’re more of a creamy chocolate person, there’s also the Vegan White Bar, too.


5 Lovo

From the founders of Pascha comes another delicious vegan chocolate brand, Lovo. Launched in early 2023, the company specializes in plant-based milk chocolate, and is the result of six years worth of experimentation to find the perfect recipe. It was certainly worth the wait: it’s creamy, indulgent, delicious, and addictive. You won’t miss the dairy, that’s for sure.

VegNews.OsoCacaoOso Cacao

6 Oso Cacao

This hand-crafted chocolate brand specializes in small batch Mexican-style chocolates, which were all made using traditional Mexican techniques in New York City. Some of the delicious, unique flavors include Sweet Potato and Candied Amaranth, Mango with Chili y Limon, and Coconut Oat Milk and Roasted Peanuts.

VegNews.MelissaCoppelMelissa Coppel

7 Melissa Coppel

Melissa Coppel is known for its unique, visually stunning chocolates that taste just as good as they look. While most of its offerings contain dairy, the brand does offer a 12-piece Vegan Bonbon box, which contains “a beautiful assortment of molded and enrobed chocolate bonbons inspired by the flavors of the world.”


8 Compartés

Popular Los Angeles-based gourmet chocolatier Compartés offers a wide range of vegan organic chocolates, many of which are made with pieces of real fruit. Try its hand-dipped Dark Chocolate Covered Apricots, for example, or its box of Fruit Clusters, which contains chocolates with kiwis, raisins, blueberries, and more.

VegNews.ChristmasShipping.LagustasLusciousLagusta’s Luscious

9 Lagusta’s Luscious

This popular New York-based, woman-owned brand has been working with small local farmers to produce quality vegan chocolates since 2003. To try them for yourself, you can visit its very own café in New Paltz, NY or you can order online. Choose from options like Maple White Chocolate, Salted Milk Chocolate (made with coconut milk), and Strawberry Balsamic Caramels.

VegNews.Chocolatier.AmandasOwnAmanda’s Own Confections

10 Amanda’s Own Confections

Amanda’s Own Confections firmly believes that people with allergies should not have to miss out on great-tasting chocolate options. That’s why all of its products are free from the top 14 allergens—plus they’re vegan and kosher, too. For fans of the wizarding world, there are options like Foiled Frogs and Potter Frog. But if you prefer to keep things simple, there’s also Amanda’s Own, a delicious chocolate bar made with just organic cane sugar, unsweetened chocolate, and cocoa butter.

VegNews.Chocolatiers.RoseCityRose City

11 Rose City

Back in 2002, Gene Bohensky fell in love with Belgian chocolates during a visit to Belgium. After returning to New Jersey, he decided to make his own version of the delicious, creamy, sweet treats, including a selection without cow’s milk. Today, you can order a wide range of dairy-free options from his brand, Rose City, including the Vegan Tower Fantasy. The latter features six gift boxes of vegan chocolates (including cordial cherries and truffles) stacked together and wrapped up in a big gold bow.

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