Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us and if you’re scrambling to find the perfect gift, why not go for a classic, yet inventive, mouthwateringly good, dairy-free chocolate? Whether you opt for fair-trade, hand-painted hearts or customizable message-labeled gourmet truffles, your valentine will be over the moon for these animal-free sweet treats.


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1. Lagusta’s Luscious Intense Anatomical Hearts
These ultra-realistic looking bitter dark chocolate hearts are packed with crunchy cacao nibs, Stumptown coffee beans, black salt enriched with volcanic minerals, and dried cherries. Each heart is hand painted with red-tinted cocoa butter for a touch that truly says “made with love.”


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2. Eat Chic’s Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Hearts
Handmade in small batches in Brooklyn by artisan chocolatiers, these extra dark chocolate hearts get a surprising flavor burst from a hefty dose of cherry chia jam and dry-roasted organic almond butter.


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3. Missionary Chocolates Pinot Noir Truffles
Creamy vanilla caramel is simmered into rich, fair-trade dark chocolate, before getting a generous dusting of delicate, pink-hued Jacobsen Pinot Noir sea salt. Enjoy these subtly boozy tasting treats with a glass of your favorite vegan wine!


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4. Fine & Raw Valentine’s Day Chunky Bar
This dark chocolate and coconut butter bar is sure to blow your significant other away. Ethically sourced Ecuadorian and Ghanaian cacao beans make up this high-quality, melt-in-your-mouth, irresistible chocolate bar.


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5. Black Dinah Chocolatiers Almond Date Hedgehogs
Surprise your critter-loving sweetheart with these adorable and delicious hedgehog-shaped chocolates made from gooey, soft Medjool dates stuffed with organic almonds, dunked in bittersweet chocolate, and topped with shredded coconut.


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6. Bon Chocolatiers Premium Truffles
These Parisian-inspired, dairy-free, gourmet sweets can be customized to spell out a sweet message to your loved one and each modern-looking, colored truffle represents a different flavor, ranging from Fluffy Marshmallow Vanilla to Jasmine Rose Infusion.


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7. Chocolate Inspirations Espresso Heart Truffles
Impress your caffeine-obsessed partner with these punchy sweets. Gourmet ganache made from a rich mixture of coconut cream, espresso, and chocolate is hand-piped into dark chocolate heart shells before being topped with crunchy, buttery caramel latte bits.


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8. Theo Chocolate’s Vegan Collection
These popular, Seattle-based chocolatiers understand the demand for plant-based treats, so they created this collection of four bars: Black Rice Quinoa Crunch, Coconut 70% Dark, Salted Almond 70% Dark, and Ginger 70% Dark. Take your loved one on a tasting journey with these artisanal bars.


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9. No Whey Chocolates Pop
Send a message with this boldly emblazoned “I Love You” vegan milk and white chocolate heart-shaped pop. Give to your kids as a sweet treat in their lunchboxes or surprise your partner by putting it next to their cup of coffee in the morning.


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10. Good Girl Chocolates Caramel Lovers
If these are worthy of finding themselves into the Oscar swag bags for A-list celebs, then they’re definitely good enough to impress those who might be skeptical about dairy-free chocolates. The gooey agave and maple syrup-sweetened caramel sauce will seal the deal.

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Sarah McLaughlin is an assistant editor at VegNews who is obsessed with any and all things vegan chocolate.

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