Starting in early September, international pizza chain Domino’s will add vegan beef to its menus across Australia. The new soy-based beef was developed for Domino’s by a company in Brisbane and will be featured on three pizzas: Beef & Onion, Beef Loaded Burger, and Beef Taco Fiesta. The chain spent nine months developing and testing the new plant-based beef, and more plant-based toppings are in development. “Pizza is our passion and we want to ensure that everyone can share in the joy of pizza, regardless of their religious, ethical, dietary, or lifestyle choices,” Domino’s Australia and New Zealand CEO Nick Knight said. “Our existing Beef & Onion Pizza is among our top five most popular pizzas nationally, and beef is our second-highest selling topping—so we already know it’s a product our customers love. We set out to share this love by serving up a range of tasty plant-based pizzas that offers our customers more choice at no extra charge.” Last year, Domino’s Australia partnered with United States-based vegan brand Follow Your Heart to add its vegan cheese to menus nationwide and has since experimented with new menu items, including the recently added Vegan BBQ Summer Pizza which features (often controversial) pineapple as a topping.

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