Pizza chain Domino’s recently added a new vegan pizza to the menu of all of its Australian locations. The new Vegan BBQ Summer Pizza is topped with chunks of pineapple, spinach, peppers, tomatoes, and vegan mozzarella by United States-based brand Follow Your Heart and is available with a choice of barbecue or spicy tomato sauce. Last year, Domino’s Australia added Follow Your Heart’s vegan cheese to its 600 locations after polling its social media fans about their interest in plant-based options. Since then, the brand has updated its menu with three vegan pizzas (Vegan Avocado Veg, Vegan Spicy Trio, and Vegan Margherita) and cheesy vegan garlic bread, and also started a Facebook group dedicated to vegan cheese. “We’ve had great support and engagement from the vegan community on our Vegan Cheese Enthusiasts Facebook group, and we’ve received lots of requests for new vegan options, in addition to our three dedicated vegan pizzas and Vegan Cheesy Garlic Bread,” Domino’s Australia and New Zealand CEO Nick Knight said. While Domino’s US has been slow to adapt to market trends, other pizza chains have recently announced vegan cheese options, including Domino’s Netherlands, Pizza Hut UK, and Papa John’s UK.

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