Traditionally, many charcuterie boards are not suitable for vegans because they contain a variety of animal-based products such as meats and cheeses. With the rise in plant-based substitutes, however, sourcing ingredients and creating a fully vegan cured meat and cheese board is now more accessible than ever.

Serving a plant-based charcuterie board at your next party will not only make your board more inclusive for your guests but will also present a unique opportunity to discuss your passion for veganism in a welcoming and hospitable manner. With a little planning and a well-stocked kitchen, get ready to dazzle with a curated, homemade vegan charcuterie board that will immediately trigger the nibbles.

How do you calculate portions for a charcuterie board?

Before you begin building your board, you’ll want to plan how much of each food item your board will require. Maegan Brown of Beautiful Boards recommends that your board provides three to five different varieties each of vegan meats and cheeses. For small gatherings, estimate two to three ounces of plant-based meats and one ounce of vegan cheese per person. For larger, more extended gatherings, strive for three to five ounces of vegan meat and one-and-a-half ounces of vegan cheese per person. 

VegNews.FruitBoard.Ksu&Eli.PexelsKsu & Eli/Pexels

The amount of nuts, crackers, pickles, jams, and other accouterments varies depending on how much room you’ll have on your board. The key is to fill in any gaps with these extra nibbles. Pro host tip: be sure to have a refill on hand—particularly when it comes to crackers. Keep an eye on the board throughout the night and replenish these edible vessels when they run low. 

How to build a vegan charcuterie board

Having a variety of ingredients and flavors on your board is essential. Your plant-based meats and cheeses should include a selection of smoked, crumbly, firm, and soft options. Additionally, check your pantry for complementary foods such as crackers, nuts, dips, spreads (such as mustards, jams, preserves), fresh fruits, and veggies. You’ll want to ensure that your complementary sides contain a mix of crunchy, salty, sweet, and tangy options. For your guests who are of legal drinking age, plan to provide at least one red and one white wine for food pairing purposes. 

Vegan charcuterie board cheeses

These vegan cheeses are guaranteed to liven up any plant-based charcuterie boards.  

VegNews.CheeseWheels.MiyokosCreameryMiyoko’s Creamery

1 Miyoko’s Cheese Wheels

If you’re a subscriber to VegNews magazine, then you’ll recognize Miyoko’s Creamery vegan cheese wheels from our 2021 holiday food issue. It’s not a party without a gourmet cheese wheel, and Miyoko’s is one of the most accessible brands available. With eight different varieties, you don’t have to put much effort into hunting down a range of cheeses for your board. For a dash of elegance, try the Aged Black Ash or the Aged Herbes De Provence wheels. If you’re feeling a little less daring but seeking something equally mouthwatering, options like Aged Smoked Gouda will certainly satisfy your guests’ taste buds.


VegNews.chaoField Roast

Field Roast Chao Cheese Blocks & Slices

Field Roast’s sister company, Chao, makes some of the best and most wallet-friendly vegan cheeses on the market. The Creamy Original Cheese Block is a solid canvas to build strong flavors—it plays well with both sweet and savory accouterments such as dijon mustard and fig or onion jam slathered on sliced baguette. For a spicy element, check out the Tomato Cayenne, Smoked Original, or Spicy Chao slices.

Vegnews.Babybel Plant-Based Vegan Cheese VegNewsBabybel

3Babybel Plant-Based

For an easy grab-and-go charcuterie board option, consider Babybel’s mini vegan cheese snacks. This small plant-based cheese wheel is great for your guests who prefer a quick bite from the board. Babybel’s mess-free personal cheese wheel requires no cutting and helps to add interest and variety to any vegan cheese board. For another fast option, consider adding GOOD PLANeT Foods snackable wedges to the board, too.

VegNews.VeganFeta.FollowYourHeart01Follow Your Heart

4 Follow Your Heart Dairy-Free Cheese Crumbles

For a unique twist to your vegan cheese board, grab the Follow Your Heart Dairy-Free Feta Crumbles. Feta crumbles are a versatile way to play up your board while adding visual appeal. Top an array of plant-based dips with a pinch of feta over the top, place them in a small bowl for scooping, or sprinkle them across your entire board. Prefer blue cheese over classic feta? The brand’s Bleu Cheese crumbles don’t disappoint either. 

VegNews.Charcuterie.KiteHillKite Hill

5 Kite Hill

For a vegan cheese you can spread on your favorite crackers, opt for Kite Hill’s Garlic and Herb soft spreadable cheese. Scoop a few spoonfuls directly on your board or into a ramekin, and don’t forget to set out your cheese knife so your guests can portion just the right amount of cheese onto their favorite bites.
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Vegan Meats

No vegan charcuterie board is complete without a selection of plant-based meats. (Charcuterie means cold, cooked meats, after all.) Finish off your board with these vegan meats. 

VegNEws.RenegadesalamiRenegade Foods

1 Renegade Foods Vegan Salami

Renegade Foods offers an exquisite vegan salami sampler pack that is a must-have for your next party platter. The vegan startup company runs a vegan subscription service (Renegade Nation) to bring its umami-packed, seitan-based salamis straight to your door. These spicy, smoked vegan meats take common cheese and crackers to a whole new level.

Vegnews.fieldroastpeperoniField Roast

2 Field Roast Pepperoni

Pepperoni isn’t just for pizza. Shingle these peppery rounds throughout your board for a spicy kick to complement the smoky, nutty, and sweet flavors on the table. Keep an extra package in the fridge—these slices will go fast.


3 Tofurky Plant-Based Deli Slices 

Tofurky makes more than just, well, Tofurkys. The old-school brand’s Plant-Based Deli Slices are available year-round and come in seven delicious flavors: Smoked Ham, Oven Roasted, Peppered, Hickory Smoked, Bologna, Italian, and Roast Beef. The affordable price point means that you can easily mix and match. Roll them, lay them flat, or ripple them to create an elegant display for your guests to enjoy.

VegNews.FieldroasthamField Roast

4 Field Roast Celebration Roast

If you’re looking to take your vegan charcuterie board to the next level, consider choosing the Field Roast Celebration Roast as the centerpiece of your board. This meat-free roast should be served hot and fresh. Make serving easy on your guests by thinly slicing half of the roast on the board prior to serving. This is an excellent option when you need to provide heavy appetizers and avoid the hassle of hosting a full sit-down dinner.

Vegnews.FieldroastsausageField Roast

5 Field Roast Mini Sausages

The Field Roast mini apple and maple breakfast sausages are a versatile choice for any plant-based board. Serve these mini weenies as is with a side of spicy mustard or bake them up into tiny vegan crescent dogs.
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VegNews.DeliSlices.MiaGreenFoodMia Green Food

6 Mia Green Food Plant-Based Deli Slices

Wow your guests with savory, super-thin vegan prosciutto and carpaccio. These slices level up any plant-based charcuterie board. Stock up this holiday season so you can whip up a snacking board anytime—whether you’re enjoying with friends or on your own. 

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