Ford recently unveiled its newest car model: the vegan Mustang Mach-E SUV—which will be available for purchase online and at certified Ford dealerships in late 2020. The electric SUV is a departure from Ford’s traditional Mustang models in its design, including its interior—which can be ordered in a variety of trims, all of which are vegan. “We wanted it to be an animal-free product,” Brittany Moss, a color and materials designer at Ford, said about the Mach-E. Moss explained that the decision for making a fully vegan model was based on the type of customer Ford hopes to attract. Ford is joining a growing number of car manufacturers in creating new vegan models, including Volvo (which will release Polestar 2, its first vegan car, in 2020); Tesla (which finally developed a vegan steering wheel for its Model 3 earlier this year); and Audi (which will begin manufacturing its vegan e-tron GT concept car in 2020.)

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