New vegan hot dog shop “No Mean Dogs” opened in Glasgow this week to overwhelming demand. On Thursday, the shop took to Instagram to announce that it opened its doors, only to return five hours later with a follow-up post stating: “Thank you everyone for the amazing response and support today, I can’t believe it but we have somehow managed to have sold out of hot dogs.” The shop explained that it was still selling cakes and doughnuts, and would reopen with double the stock of hot dogs on the following day. In addition to pastries and hot dogs, the shop offers comfort dishes such as its “Mac and NaeCheese” which can be ordered inside of a hot dog topped with vegan bacon and onions. No Mean Dogs is an extension of sister restaurant In Bloom, a Nirvana-themed café in Glasgow that opened in 2017 as a tribute to the ‘90s grunge band.   

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