This week, new vegan cheeses launched at retailers across the United Kingdom, including more than 300 Waitrose locations. The new cheese is made by vegan brand Willicroft and is available in three flavors: This is not Cheese Fondue, This is not Cheese Grated Italian Style, and This is not Classic Cream Cheese. The brand was founded by Brad Vanstone—who spent his youth helping his grandparents on Willicroft dairy farm in Devon, United Kingdom—and transitioned to a plant-based diet in 2017. 

“It’s super humbling that our fondue, cream cheese, and grated cheese Italian style cheese are now available across the UK,” Vanstone said. “We have worked long and hard to advocate the importance of sustainable food as a way to help the climate crisis. It is an honor to be able to spread this mission, and our delicious This is not Cheese range, to a wider audience.”

In 2019, Vanstone opened Willicroft as the first vegan cheese shop in Amsterdam and distributed his products at local retailers. The entrepreneur plans to develop additional cheese flavors (such as gorgonzola, ricotta, and goat cheese), open an in-store café, and expand his business to the US in coming years. 

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