It may only be April, but Trader Joe’s seems to be in full summer mode. The grocer is debuting and bringing back many products that remind us of sunny days and seaside afternoons. Below, we’ve compiled a list of what’s new (hello, vegan cheese crackers!) and what’s finally returned after a year off (we’ve missed you, Spring Gummies).

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We never know how long these products will stay, but that’s part of the fun of Trader Joe’s. Whether you’re shopping for a quick vegan meal or looking to spruce up your home decor with plants and candles, here are all the new, intriguing, and craveable vegan Trader Joe’s products available now.

Who makes Trader Joe’s products?

If you’ve ever enjoyed a product from Trader Joe’s that reminded you of another big-name brand (for example, we find TJ’s cashew yogurt remarkably similar to Forager’s vegan yogurt), you may be on to something. Trader Joe’s does not have its own manufacturing facility, meaning all of its products are white-labeled. 


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White labeling allows one company to brand and market an item as its own that is made by a third party. There are some businesses that exclusively produce generic products intended for white labeling, but established brands can also offer up their goods for white labeling. While these brands don’t get the name recognition, they are able to generate revenue and reach a larger distribution by entering into a white-labeling agreement. 

Trader Joe’s and the brands it works with are extremely tight-lipped about these partnerships. Neither Trader Joe’s nor brand representatives would confirm when asked, but we can’t help but speculate. Does Nabisco make Joe-Joe’s? Does Earth Balance make the Vegan Buttery Spread? We will never be certain, but it’s a fun game to play, and we can only hope our purchases at Trader Joe’s are supporting rising vegan brands.

8 hottest vegan products at Trader Joe’s this month

From cheesy, dairy-free crackers to citrus-scented cleaner, here are 8 vegan products to look forward to at Trader Joe’s this month.


1 Vegan Cheddar Style Crackers

Cheese and crackers is, of course, a delicious snack. But what about actual cheese-flavored crackers? According to the Instagram account @traderjoesnew, Trader Joe’s has just dropped these tasty new vegan Savory Squares, which are gluten-free and deliciously cheesy.

VegNews.ChickenlessWings.TraderJoesTrader Joe’s

2Buffalo Style Chickenless Wings

Football season may be over, but with baseball in full swing and the NBA playoffs underway, these vegan, Buffalo Style Chickenless Wings are the perfect game day bites. Serve with dairy-free ranch and a side of your favorite raw veggies for a satiating meal—and don’t forget the vegan-friendly beer


3 Dried Australian Red Papaya

While papaya actually comes from Central America, red papaya is now predominantly grown in Far North Queensland, Australia. The fruit is juicy and sweet, and in dried form, like it is in Trader Joe’s new Dried Australian Red Papaya bags, it makes for a super tasty and healthy snack.


4 Celebration Cake Mix

Got a big event coming up? We recommend stocking up on this Celebration Cake & Baking Mix while it’s on the shelves. The fun kit comes with cake mix, frosting mix, and rainbow sprinkles, and it’s all totally vegan-friendly.


5 Spring Gummies

Adults and kids alike will love these bunny- and butterfly-shaped pastel gummies, which have returned to Trader Joe’s for the spring. We were pleasantly surprised to find that, unlike most gummy candies, they are free from gelatin—an ingredient containing animal byproducts.


6 Ethiopia Guji Coffee

If you fancy changing up your morning caffeine boost, Trader Joe’s is now stocking this delicious Ethiopian Guji Light-Medium Roast coffee blend, which is made with heirloom, organically grown, handpicked Arabica beans.


7 Organic Lemon Torchietti Pasta

Another find from @traderjoesnew, this seasonal lemon pasta, which has been imported to the chain from Italy, packs in a pleasant, citrusy flavor. The account recommends enjoying it with Trader Joe’s Limone Alfredo Sauce, which unfortunately isn’t vegan. However, you can make your own tasty vegan alfredo sauce with sweet potatoes by following our recipe here.

VegNews.allpurposecleaner.traderjoesTrader Joe’s

8 All Purpose Citrus Cleaner

Need to spruce up your home this spring? Get the whole place sparkling and smelling fresh and citrusy with this new vegan-friendly All Purpose Fresh Citrus Cleaner from Trader Joe’s. The best part? It’s free of chemicals like chlorine bleach, phosphates, and sodium laureth sulfate.

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