This week, vegan brand OmniFoods (previously Right Treat) debuted OmniPork Luncheon Meat, a plant-based version of Hormel’s popular canned meat. SPAM was brought to Asia by United States soldiers during World War II and has remained a staple in households and on restaurant menus. OmniFoods founder David Yeung, an eco-conscious entrepreneur who owns social enterprise Green Monday, developed the product from soybeans, wheat, beets, and coconut oil to provide consumers with a better choice with less sodium, no nitrates, and zero animal cruelty. 

“Luncheon meat is a food that everyone in Asia has a love-hate relationship with,” Yeung said. “Eating isn’t just about filling up our stomachs and absorbing the daily nutrition we need. It’s also about satisfying our cravings. So I am very excited to finally provide a healthier plant-based alternative.”

In addition to vegan spam, the company is launching OmniPork Strip—a plant-based version of pork shoulder—and both items will be showcased starting this week on the menu of Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant Ming Court in Hong Kong, as well as Green Monday’s vegan eatery Kind Kitchen. Retail packs of the two new products will be available in Hong Kong in July. 

Yeung founded OmniFoods with the mission of curbing meat consumption in Asia. The brand’s minced pork product, OmniPork, is now on the menu at thousands of eateries across the region, including at 4,200 Starbucks locations in China.

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