St Louis, MO-based vegan meat company Hungry Planet recently donated approximately 10,000 pounds (900 cases) of plant-based meats to nonprofit organizations St. Louis Food Share Network and St. Louis Animal Rights Team. The donations were part of Hungry Planet’s mission to help fight food insecurity in the community and improve personal and planetary health.

The company donated its vegan Beef Patties, Chipotle Chicken Patties, Crab Cakes, and Ground Italian Sausage to both nonprofit organizations. The food was passed out during the St. Louis Food Share Network food drive on February 24 and March 3 at Thomas Dunn Learning Center in St. Louis. These food drives are held on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays to help feed food insecure individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic. And the St. Louis Animal Rights Team is serving the donated meats at various venues, including outreach events such as Earth Day and Taste of St. Louis Vegan Fest. 

“This substantial donation from Hungry Planet was huge for us,” Casey Stinemetz, organizer of the Food Share Network, said. “Not only did we distribute plant-based meats to over 100 attendees at our weekly food share, we also shared the surplus with our network of churches, nonprofits, and individuals throughout the St. Louis region. Thank you Hungry Planet for supporting the community.”

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