California-based company Impossible Foods recently organized an event for children filled with activities to teach them about plant-based foods with a special appearance by the company’s CEO Patrick O. Brown. “Who loves to eat hot dogs? Fish sticks? Hamburgers?” Brown asked the children during his speech according to Grist. Most of the children responded by raising their hands. “Who here is really glad that they came from dead animals?” Brown continued as the children became silent and lowered their hands. “I promise that by the time you are adults the meat you eat will not come from dead animals,” Brown said. “You can come find me and beat me up if I’m wrong.” Impossible Foods is working to replace all food animals with plant-based alternatives by 2035 and Brown believes that one major step in that mission will occur once plant-based meats become price-competitive with animal flesh. “With the caveat that this depends on scaling and other variables, probably three years with a high degree of certainty,” Brown said about the timeline for when he expects the Impossible Burger will be cheaper than its animal-based counterpart.

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