Mother-Daughter-Duo Open Vegan Commercial Kitchen

Chefs, activists, and entrepreneurs can now work at My Vgan Kitchen in Florida thanks to Martha Arango and Daniela Ochoa.


Mother-daughter team Martha Arango and Daniela Ochoa recently opened plant-based commercial kitchen My Vgan Kitchen in Hialeah, FL. The duo launched the kitchen to support the efforts of local entrepreneurs looking to produce vegan food in a dedicated animal-free facility. “We were inspired by seeing many people wanting to start their business and there not being a 100 percent vegan commercial kitchen nearby,” Arango told local media outlet Miami New Times. “We already manufacture vegan food products and have space for other people. Why not help the community grow by having more products available?” My Vgan Kitchen—which costs $12 to $18 per hour to use—offers services such as label-printing, support with licensing procedures, and product delivery via its commercial vehicle. The kitchen’s first client is brand Vegan Delicacies, which uses the space to create its Casheez vegan cheese. Ochoa also uses the kitchen to produce Colombian vegan food under her own brands Productos las Delicias, Nutri D’ Light, and My Vgan.