New Vegan Meat Company Launches in Maine

Maine Burger Company becomes the state’s fourth veggie burger company.


Vegan meat brand Maine Burger Company recently launched at local vegan organic farm Frinklepod Farm in Maine. The brand’s three-ounce ready-to-heat patties are pre-cooked and made with a base of chickpeas, beets, and red potatoes. Founder Tanya Alsberg told VegNews she has been developing the company since she stopped eating meat at age 11. “I’ve always enjoyed cooking for friends, including meat-eaters, and I feel like my veggie burger is one of the best out there,” Alsberg said. “It’s not meaty or over-processed or mushy.” Along with burger patties, Alsberg sells rice-based breakfast sausages at Frinklepod and will expand to two local farmers’ markets this summer, with a plan to sell her plant-based meats in at least 30 stores and restaurants by next year. Alsberg joins vegan entrepreneurs—such as Marty Krutolow of New York City’s Marty’s V Burger—who have gone from cooking their own vegan meats for friends and family to producing them on a larger scale for the general public.

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