Earlier this month, High Voltage Tattoo—a Los Angeles tattoo shop owned by vegan activist Kat Von D—donated medical supplies to local hospital LAC USC Medical Center to support workers as they fight the COVID-19 pandemic. “Today, my tattoo shop donated our entire inventory of unopened gloves and aprons to the nurses and doctors of the LA County Hospital,” Von D posted on Instagram. “We only had 8,000 gloves, and 500 of our medical grade aprons—but due to the unnecessary hoarding of medical supplies taking place by relatively healthy, yet panicked citizens, this type of hoarding has created massive shortages in hospitals leaving doctors, nurses, and health workers dangerously ill-equipped to take care of patients and protect themselves.” 

Von D urged other tattoo shops to make similar donations to help protect hospital workers. “High Voltage Tattoo is not looking for a pat on the back, but instead we are hoping to inspire other tattoo shops to do the same, meanwhile urging the public to please stop hoarding.” The hospital took to Instagram to thank Von D and High Voltage Tattoo, stating, “As residents, we are disappointed it has come to this, but we are thankful you are helping healthcare workers, like us, protect ourselves so we can protect our communities.”

Von D recently stepped down from her beauty brand Kat Von D Beauty—which is now solely owned by longtime partner brand KENDO and rebranded as KVD Vegan Beauty—to focus on other ventures, including pursuing her music career, working on her vegan shoe line Von D Shoes, and parenting her child, Leafar.

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