A KFC customer—who asked not to be named—shared a photo to her personal Facebook page of a piece of chicken she recently purchased at a restaurant in Kingswood, England. The photo depicted what the woman claimed was an undercooked piece of chicken, with red streaks inside of the thigh near the bone. “I have not been the first [to complain] and I don’t think I will be the last. KFC is blind to this—my post is to warn people to look at their food,” the woman told Hull Live. “My husband did go back to the store and they said it was marinated, not raw.” A KFC spokesperson responded to the disgruntled customer, explaining that the bloody appearance of the meat is a common trait of slaughtered birds. “We know it doesn’t look great, but this is actually a natural coloration caused by the bone, rather than being undercooked,” the spokesperson said. “This can sometimes happen when dealing with fresh chicken.” KFC may soon quell its bloody chicken troubles with vegan chicken. The brand announced last year that it is developing a meatless version of its chicken to appeal to a growing number of consumers looking for blood-free options.

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