Los Angeles-based vegan outreach group Las Jefas Veganas recently launched a new community drive to provide plant-based food, essentials, and masks to those in need at Skid Row, a historically poor neighborhood in Downtown Los Angeles. The drive aims to support small-owned businesses as well as individuals living at home and on the streets. Las Jefas Veganas is asking for donations—such as filling a bag with toilet paper, soap, and socks; making a tray of pasta or rice and beans; or purchasing water bowls to be used for animals living on the street—which will be packaged and ready to hand out to the community today. 

Monetary donations are also accepted and used to support small, vegan-owned businesses while feeding the homeless community of Skid Row. Previously, the group would set up within the community to serve individuals plates of donated food to the hungry. “Normally Skid Row is filled every weekend with organizations or groups feeding and helping out [but] right now they are not getting much help,” Las Jefas Veganas posted on Instagram. “I’m asking you to extend your compassion to those in need if you’re able to.”

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