Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart spoke about the world-changing potential of vegan meat in a recent interview with Fortune. Speaking about the growth of the plant-based movement and the role of vegan meat in displacing animal products, Stewart said: “I think [vegan meat] has a lot of potential. I have been an investor in Beyond Meat, and I’ve been trying older products for several years now. For vegetarians, for people who like the idea of a hamburger but don’t like the idea of meat, it is such a nice answer.”

Putting her beliefs into action, Stewart recently joined the board of directors of burger chain Burgerfi—which began serving the vegan Beyond Burger patty in 2017. “I have also been following the vegetarian, plant-based meat development, like the Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger,” Stewart said. “I care very much about meat production in the United States—the serving of meat, how important it is to be high-quality.” Stewart admitted that she had a Beyond Burger at Burgerfi recently and revealed she has drastically reduced the amount of animal meat she consumes. 

Martha Stewart’s love of vegan meat

While Stewart is not vegan, in recent years, she has become involved in promoting plant-based options in various ways. During a 2019 Christmas party, Stewart served plant-based meatballs made with Beyond Meat and revealed that guests could not tell the difference. In January 2020, Stewart appeared in a commercial for Subway to help the chain promote its expansion of the Beyond Meatball Marinara Sub sandwich across its locations in Canada

In March 2020, Stewart partnered with Beyond Meat to promote the retail launch of its Beyond Breakfast Sausage with recipes she created to help fans reduce their meat consumption. “I don’t think it’s a curiosity,” Stewart previously said about the growing interest in plant-based meat. “I think it is a definite move toward the future.”

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