Starting this week, McDonald’s France is offering fresh-cut cucumbers in place of French fries in Happy Meals for children. The cucumbers will be provided by 16 local farms in the country. “The arrival of the Little Cucumbers is fully in line with our approach to diversifying the range of products for children,” Delphine Smagghe, McDonald’s Vice President of Purchasing, Quality, Sustainable Development, and Communication, said. “Today, nearly half of the fruit consumed by children under 15 years of age in commercial catering is at McDonald’s. From now on, we want to carry this commitment further by promoting vegetables to the youngest, while remaining a privileged partner of the French agricultural sectors.” McDonald’s France already offers carrot sticks and grape tomatoes as additional Happy Meal menu items. In recent years, the chain has improved its plant-based Happy Meal offerings in locations around the world. The chain’s first vegan Happy Meal debuted in locations throughout the United Kingdom earlier this year. In addition, McDonald’s locations across Sweden added the vegan McFalafel (vegan falafel nuggets), which can be ordered with a vegan pepper dip on the adult menu or as part of a Happy Meal.

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