On August 2, all-vegan ice cream purveyor Nabati will open in Miami, FL. The menu features ice cream made from a base of cashews and coconut (or fruit and coconut milk for the nut-free options) in 19 flavors such as Rose with Pistachio, Vanilla Mango Almond, Chocolate Almond Butter Brownie, Sunflower Seed Butter Chia Swirl, and Banana Pecan. The shop will also offer smoothies, smoothie bowls, desserts, coffee, kombucha on tap, and CBD-infused water. Nabati aims to be plastic-free by using serving ware that is biodegradable, and customers who bring their own containers will receive a discount. Reusable cutlery and sustainable items from local businesses will also be for sale. Founder Ola Kayal holds a sustainable business degree from the Business School of Lausanne, a degree from the Culinary Arts Academy in Switzerland, and has worked in the culinary field in Switzerland, Macau, and Sweden. She began moving towards plant-based cuisine while working as a chef in London, where she became inspired to start her own business. “For the last couple of years, I’ve been challenging myself to live a zero-waste lifestyle,” Kayal told VegNews. “I decided pretty early on that the business I open has to match my values—plant-based and environmentally responsible. Since just about everyone these days is becoming more conscious about what they’re putting into their bodies, I knew an ice cream that satisfies a craving and is guilt-free would be perfect. Plus, Miami is hot, all year long, so what better way to cool off?” In the coming months, Kayal hopes to host pop-up dinners, DJ sets, art exhibits, and provide a space for pop-ups and yoga classes.

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