This week, chef Dominique Crenn—the first woman in the United States to ever be awarded Michelin’s highest distinction of three stars—announced that her San Francisco-based restaurant group, Crenn Dining Group, is officially committed to a “meat-free” policy. In an effort to reduce her environmental impact and set a precedent for other chefs, Crenn vowed to no longer serve meat from land animals—keeping seafood, eggs, and dairy on the menu—at her prestigious restaurants Petit Crenn, Bar Crenn, Atelier Crenn, and upcoming Boutique Crenn. “Meat is insanely complicated—both within the food system and the environment as a whole—and, honestly, it felt easier to just remove it from the menus all together,” Crenn said. The official announcement comes after Crenn began removing meat from her tasting menu at her first restaurant, Atelier Crenn, two years ago, completing the transition in October by ditching pork and beef from her newer venture Bar Crenn.

Photo Credit: Yahoo

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